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"I feel very fortunate to have had Parab undertake my photo shoot.

As someone who has worked with many photographers in the past as part of my modelling career; it was immediately apparent to me that he was a consummate professional.

During the photo shoot his approach to the shots, the way he selected the optimum lighting and environment and the way he communicated to get the desired look from me, was very impressive.

I highly recommend Parab to anyone who is looking for a photographer who takes enormous pride in the quality of his work, and as such produces images of impressive quality.

Whether your intention is for a business shoot or personal pictures; it will be one of your best decisions."

- Alan Dinnie -

"I had a photo shoot with Parabjeet Singh and had a really great experience! He made me feel super comfortable and had great visions and direction, would recommend to anyone and the end results of photographs were truly out of this world amazing!"

- Shantelle Heller -

"My first ever photoshoot was with Parab. I wanted some images to add to my acting portfolio, and I can certainly say, the images looked as if this wasn’t my first photoshoot! This is because he provided some direction and support which built up my confidence and brought out natural emotions. He knew what I wanted and the direction he provided reflected just that. His impeccable eye to detail and mood creating is what makes him stand out! I had such a positive experience and the moods created in each image was exactly what I was after to strengthen my portfolio! Highly recommend!"

- Bonnie Wheeler -

"My experience working with Parab was in a word; enlightening. Coming into the shoot I was nervous, being very new to modelling. Within 5 minutes of casually talking to Parab, my anxieties about confidence and expectations were put at ease. His passion for photography and the emotions that can be portrayed in a single photo is contagious. I immediately felt that this would be a beautiful, comfortable, fun yet professional experience. It absolutely was."

- Georgia Page -

"Parab is such an active photographer! Not only does he come with an idea and concept, he comes open to what you as a model are looking for as well. He questioned me, “Why do you dance?” and for a long time I couldn’t answer. After the photoshoot, I found that the reason I dance is to enjoy the journey along the way, the journey between movement and the journey it makes. He made me realise this because he wanted the journey into the movement rather than just the pose. Having a photographer such as Parab not only made me feel completely comfortable but he was able to capture moments that became so beautiful and memorable.
Parab is such an inspiring photographer!
I highly recommend – for any style!!!"

- Drew Holloway -

"The Photoshoot with Parab was exhilarating! It was fun all way through, filled with jokes and laughs! I felt comfortable to fully express myself through each shot. Definitely would recommend to anyone who loves having their photo taken as he will make shine all the spotlight on you and will guide you through the whole session!"

- Daisy Dizomba -

"Thank you so much for coming into our home and capturing some beautiful memories of our baby boy. We were delighted at the quality and range of photos we received. We have no hesitation in recommending you to our family and friends."

- Shashana McNicol -


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